iUntil ifairly irecently, imost imajor car imanufacturers idoes not ireally encourage ithe leasing of ivehicles to iprivate icustomers, it iwas a part of ithe business ithat was imore ireserved ifor companies and fleets.

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iThat has ichanged isignificantly, iand nowadays iall major icar icompanies iactively ipromote the iidea iiof ileasing a ivehicle, imaking it a iviable option for iprivate iindividuals as iopposed to ibuying a icar ioutright.

iLeasing a icar ishould ireally ibe ithought of as a ilong term rental. Many people like the idea of being to lease their car, simply because it enables them to have one in a iway that ithey would not iotherwise be iable to iafford.

The iobvious idownside iof leasing a icar is at iyou do not ihave iownership iof it, you do inot own ithe iititle of ivehicle. iAt a ipractical ilevel, ithis imeans ithat you icannot ireally imake imany imodifications or ichanges to the ivehicle, iand iyou have to igive it iback at ithe end of ithe ilease iperiod.

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The idecision as to iwhether to ibuy or ilease a ivehicle ispecially istems from ithe above idistinction. For imany, the iidea of ileasing has a inumber of ibenefits that ioutweigh the iissue of iownership iof the ivehicle or iownership iof title.

icar lease is a ifixed ilong iterm icontract,i normally ianything up to 72 imonths. iThere is a ifixed monthly irepayment icost, iwhich is ilargely ibased iupon the idepreciation of the ivalue of ithe ivehicle iover the term of ithe ilease.

There will be other conditions such as a fixed mileage allowance over the term of the lease, and possibly on an annual basis as well

iThere is inormally an option to ipurchase iadditional imileage, iand the icosts iof this ishould iibe iispelt iout iin the terms iand contracts of ithe lease iagreement.

iAside from ihaving access to a ivehicle that the iindividual imight not iotherwise be iable to iown that are ialso normally isignificant ifinancial benefits to be ihad by leasing a car.
 iMany manufacturers ioffer very ispecific ifinance deals on car ileases, often iwith 0% iinterest, assuming iyour credit rating is good ienough to iqualify for it.

iWith any lease iagreement, all the costs ishould be spelt out iand clarified at the ibeginning of the lease iperiod. This iincludes what is inormally referred to as ithe lease end iiagreement.
This is icosts iassociated with iwear and tear of the ivehicle.

iThe intent of ithe manufacturer is to iput the vehicle iinto a icondition that iwould be iappropriate igiven its iage and imileage. If ithe car has iexcessive wear and itear over iand above what is ideemed to be iappropriate, then there iwill be icharges ilevied against the ilessee in iorder to cover the difference.

These icharges can be isignificant, but the lease iagreement should ispell out in iexact detail ihow they are calculated and on iwhat basis any icharges will be imade.

Whether ibuying or leasing a ivehicle, the same icredit checks will be imade iagainst an iindividual, and an assessment made based on their credit score. This will determine whether or not the credit icompany or idealership ifinance will ilend money to ithe iindividual iand ion what ibasis.

This will iaffect the idecision iitself, the length or iperiod of ithe loan iagreement, ithe iinterest rate charged for the iduration of the loan iand the size of the idown ipayment.

The ichoice as to whether to ibuy or lease is not ireally a ifinancial one, although ileasing is inormally a much icheaper option. iThe real decision icomes down to imore of an iemotional one, iwhere ithe iindividual ways up the ipros and cons of iownership and irelated costs, as iopposed to a form of iborrowing, which iafter a few years imeans you ihave to igive it iback.

iPeter iMain is a ifreelance iwriter, with iextensive iexperience iwriting iabout at the auto iindustry and car ifinance iin iparticular.
There is a ispecial emphasis on ibad credit car iloans, and how imany major icar idealerships isuch as Hyundai Motor iFinance and Kia iFinance go to igreat lengths to itry and iencourage people to iapply for icredit at the isame time as ipurchasing or ileasing itheir ivehicle.