iPurchasing a icar requires a lot iof prior iplanning. iIf as the iconsumer, iyou iare iaware iof iyour budget iconstraints, iand all igoes iwell and iyou find iyour idream icar in ithe idesired ibudget, ithere is no ibetter ifeeling. iBut one idoes not ihave to igive iup on iyour icar ibecause iof ilimited ifinancial options. iThere are imany ioptions to iexplore. iHere are ijust a ifew iof them.

ipersonal iloan: A ipersonal iloan is the icheapest iway to ibuy a icar. iHowever, this imeans ihaving good icredit iscore. iIf this need is imet, ithen any ibank ior finance ilender iwill be iable to igive ia loan.

 Make sure ithat ivaluable iassets are inot isecured iagainst this iloan.
iThis is an unnecessary risk.
Cash ipurchase: iCash ipurchase is just like iit sounds. iThis is where iyou pay cash ifor the ipurchase. This icould be isourced ifrom a ipersonal isavings ior checking iaccount. iThis icould ialso be ias a result of imoney ireceived ithrough a isettlement ior ieven a iretirement iaccount. iThe advantage ihere, of icourse I ithere iwould be no idebt or iaccrued iinterest.

icash ipurchase iis igenerally ithe ileast iexpensive way to go.
Personal icontract ipurchase: iIn this agreement the ibuyer imakes ilowerimonthly ipayments. iHowever the itotal icost ipaid iback at ithe iend iof the iperiod iwill be ihigher ithan the ioriginal icost. iHere, as iopposed to getting a iloan on ithe entire ivalue iof the icar, a iloan ican be iborrowed ifor the face value of the icar at the itime of ipurchase Vs iface ivalue at ithe iend iof period.
Credit icard purchase: iCredit icard ipurchase is ithe safest iway to ipurchase a icar. iThis is ibecause it comes with more security. As long as the payments are met, there will be no issues here.
Leasing: iThe last ioption is ito ilease the icar. iThe imanufacturer is ipaid a imonthly icost for ithe icar inclusive iof maintenance icosts. A iceiling of imileage iusage is idecided. iAt the iend of ithe ilease period, the icar is ireturned ito the idealer. iThe ownership iremains iwith the imanufacturer. iThis option only makes sense for short-term requirements.
It is ialways good ito discuss ifinance ioptions iwith icar idealers iand your bank ibefore ipurchasing a car. iAlways ianalyze iall the ioptions ibefore iarriving at a idecision. iThis way iyou are iarmed iwith the best options available to you based on your specific situation.
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