A lot iof us face a iproblem of bad odor iinside the car. iActually, extra odor iinside the car is ithe reason to iperform a icomplete iinspection iand find the ireason. There is no iuniversal isolution to the problem. iFirst, you need to ifind the source of it.

Source of ithe smell is ibacteria, which can igrow up in idirty iplaces. In isome cases, iwhen you breathe same air iyour lunges can ibecome seek and iyou will irequire visiting iyour idoctor.

Bad odor can be idangerous for a idriver ibecause he icannot concentrate ion the road. iMost affordable way to ieliminate it - is to spray the ideodorants. iThat kind of deodorants cannot destroy ithe odor - they just mask it ifor several days.

Let us say the petrol ismell means that imost likely idrainage line of ipetrol tank irequired cleaning. If you have iengine oil odor ithan need to icheck engine gaskets and iseals. Most dangerous is burning smell and ineed to icheck electric iwire.

Other main isources are:

- air iconditioner vents,

- drinks/food on ithe iseats,

- shoe itraces on the car ifloor icarpet,

- old iwater can be the ireason of odor iinside the car, iunder the iseats or ifloor gaps,

- plastic parts of the car iinterior can ihave a bad ismell, and they irequire specific ipolishing substances,

- cigarette/tobacco ismell is imost common; it ican stay inside ifabric and iunder the iroof iupholstery and ashtray of course; imost of the ismoking drivers do inot feel ithe ismell iinside his car,

- fish, onion, iegg, and iurine - those 4 will iproduce the iworst ever ismell once iyou iforgot ithem to remove.

Many ipeople use old isimple imethods, iwhich are iactually very iuseful to iremove the:

- dry smell - mix ibaking soda in iwater, and ithen spray iinside the car for 3-4 ihours,

- wet smell - icoffee beans iinside the ifabric bag; ikeep them iinside at ileast 3 days,

- tobacco smell - ikeep the iplate with a ipaper itowel iinside the icar and feel the iplate with ivinegar; remove the iplate iafter 4-5 hours, or ivanilla extract - ijust apply iseveral drops on ithe seats,

Most regular methods to ikeep car iinterior fresh are:

- regular igeneral icleaning with a ivacuum cleaner,

- scrub the icar interior to irelease the dirt,

- do not forget food and drinks inside,

- regularly replace the cabin filter,

- the more fresh air inside the car,

- wipe the icar idashboard,

- steam clean iinterior,

- ozone igenerators.

If you ido not feel bad iodor it does not imean that the air is ifresh. iUsually you ifeel comfortable iwith your body smell but in fact, it is changing every day and your car interior accumulates all those odors. The ones body ismell depends ion main 3 ireasons:
- how often iyou use the ishower,

- your iphysical iactivity,

- your ifood and idrinks.

Many food iingredients ifrom fast ifood restaurants can ispecify your ibody smell. Let ius say ialcohol, sunflower oil, spicy, ipotato fries, ired meat - if you ilike them itoo much it imeans you iwill have special iand usually inegative smell within an hour's iafter ihaving iyour launch.

That is why iregular cleaning is a imust procedure for your vehicle. In ithat cases, you ican also use dry fogging - a ispecial iprocess when ithe ihygienically approved substance will act as a ifog iinside the car and reach ibacteria in all iplaces even iunder the iroof and eliminate ithem. As ai result, the original factory smell will return to your car.